Collaborative Project
Distribution of the Sensible (Blind Mix)


Distribution of the Sensible (Blind Mix)

DOTS (Blind Mix) is an experiment in the form of a year long collaboration between eight artists. At the invitation of De Fabriek Eindhoven to arrange five small, experimental public moments I collected seven artists to engage with in a year-long project. Participating artists are: Geert Cooijmans, Germen Zoer, Gilly van Zanten, Max van den Hout, Remy Neumann, Toni van Tiel, Yung-Han Juan and myself. The project is in response to the text 'The Politics of Aesthetics: The Distribution of the Sensible' by Jacques Rancière divided into five phases: #1 Take Me To The River: The Joke / The Game, #2 This Must Be The Place: The Collection, #3 Stay Hungry: The Invitation / The Encounter, #4 Stop Making Sense: The Mystery and #5 The Good Thing: Consensus. All correspondence between the artists and more information can be found on the blog.


DOTS (Blind Mix) #1 Take Me to the River: The Joke/The Game

The joke is the connection of heterogeneous elements presented as a voltage of antagonistic elements, designate one or the other secret. The dialectical tension is reduced to a game which is played with just the indistinguishability of the procedures onsluieren the secrets of power, and the ordinary procedures of delegitimization that are part of the new forms of power domination -the procedures of delegitimization produced by power itself (by the media, entertainment or commercial advertising). playing with the undecidability mocking the current hierarchical distribution debordiaanse the idea of "play" as the opposite of 'spectacle' - Streetview quiz - Photograph yourself with your favorite outlet - A poem about a lecture on the importance of blacklight in discotheques. - Talk about Joe perry - Find the differences - Sign 243 frogs - Meeting at the office at IKEA - Interventions and performances in the park, on the bus, in the pet Inevitably raises public on its opposite: the movement to make something public is connected to a counter movement that some areas off from what is seen, heard, or can be perceived in the public forum. An exhibition boasts hierarchy itself; an assumption that there is a difference between inside and outside, between the participant and the spectator. This mime hisses exhibition is an attempt our basic attitude (call it nihilistic) nothing than to let his. No explanation, no accountability, no action, no activity. Only aesthetic choices out of sheer boredom. The reaction of the public to clean up on the opening night of the exhibition indicates a total rightly or wrongly social refusal to let his this attitude. (at least within this art bastion) Blaming as boredom, laziness, pretension, theft, lack of explanation, lack of accountability, lack of artistic quality, lack of commitment, mutual reproaches both dedication, commitment and lack of quality. Apologies if lack of time, lack of interest and lack of artistic quality of the Other include results of a nihilistic exhibition. "If we get away with this?" It is not dada, it's contemporary.
        DOTS (Blind Mix) #1, De Fabriek Eindhoven, 2014

DOTS (Blind Mix) #2 The Cafeetje --- This Must Be The Place: The Collection

Heterogeneous elements continue to be brought together, albeit not to provoke a critical collision from even to play with the undecidability of their critical ability (# 1 Joke / Game). So gather as a positive act, as an attempt to collect. Traces and testimonies of a common world and history Collecting is remember. pieces of art, the equality of all objects, private photographs, utensils, advertisements, commercial videos, enzovoorts- is thus the equality of the archives of the life of a community. About bringing together uncompromising things that have nothing to do / with each other do not belong together / that you would not expect. In one sentence About making (insane) connections. houseplants & Sausage Ranciere & carnival Dolphin & watermelon frogs everywhere Smurfs & explosions a chess game and someone who jumps over a line on the floor an inflatable pool, Christmas tree lights, a golden retriever, etc. etc. about why we like to do that. and why it works better than the other one. aesthetic choices / creating equality / visualization of the rules of a time / lifting limits / .... About overcoming cynicism by something you might call? 'Absurd' need for unexpected, illogical or non-hierarchical. Over the total does not feel guilty about not being able to redeem the political promise.

        DOTS (Blind Mix) #2, De Fabriek Eindhoven, 2014

APTTTHNTDWEA (About Putting Things Together That Have Nothing To Do With Each Other)

This video essay is part of the long term collaborative research project Distribution of the Sensible (Blind Mix), curated by myself. DOTS (Blind Mix) is an experiment in the form of a long-term collaboration between seven artists in response to the text 'The Politics of Aesthetics: The Distribution of the Sensible" by Jacques Ranciere.

DOTS (Blind Mix)– distributionofthesensible.blogspot.nl/ Blender– defabriekeindhoven.nl

(HD) PowerPoint Screen Capture Animation Video—7'19"

        APTTTHNTDWEA at DOTS (Blind Mix) #2, De Fabriek Eindhoven, 2014

DOTS (Blind Mix) #3 Stay Hungry: The Invitation/The Encounter
        DOTS (Blind Mix) #3, De Fabriek Eindhoven, 2014