Opening is an intervention by a performance, a happening, and a sculpture in the railway station of Breda commisioned by IDFX Foundation. Monthly their showcase window in the underpass of the railway station of Breda is used as an exhibition space in order to confront a wide range of people with experimental, non-conventional art and to give aspiring artists the oppurtunity to present their work to a large audience. The 119th edition of Innercity Etalage in Vitrine 8 is a performance called 'Opening'. It's literally the opening of the showcase which contains this sculpture. At the night of the opening, I read page 259 from 'Single and .. Father! by Robert Alison, a novel from the 'Rebellious Doctors' series. Thereafter, the showcase was opened and the cold plate was eaten by the public and myself. The remains of this act were visible and smellable for a month after. thropical work separate from his artistry. I suggest to exhibit the paintings at the railway station where I happen to have the key of this window case. Unasked I add the tag 'Nettie by Klaas Burger and Monique Hendriksen'.

Idfx Breda– Persbericht
Idf Breda– official website

Interview met Marijke Hooghwinkel van Idfx Breda

Photographs by Marga Hendriksen