Research Project
To Make a Work~Molecular Revolutions


To Make a Work~Molecular Revolutions

This project, curated by Grant Watson and Yael Davids premises to return to the questions thirty years after the book Molecular Revolutions in Brazil was written by Suely Rolnik and Felix Guattari, and to see where we are today in terms of cultural practice, in particular in relation to working as artists. In Brazil, French theory and the work of Foucault, Deleuze and Guattari, have had an important effect on a number of areas, from left wing politics, to culture, to clinical work; the introduction of this theory has combined existing aspects of Brazilian culture, social experience, experiments and practices to produce new forms.

Roaming Academy, Dutch Art Institute

  To Make a Work~Molecular Revolutions at Casa do Povo, São Paulo

  Meeting with Suely Rolink at Casa do Povo

Photographs by Nil Ilkbasaran