Research Project
Delusional Cause #6


Delusional Cause is an ongoing long term artistic research project within the theoretical framework of Alfred Sohn-Rethel's critique of epistemology. The texts, videos and performances are interruptions in a cumulative and reiterative study which aims to work toward a method or model to adequately visualize capital. The project is expanding towards a speculative exploration of the real abstraction and its aesthetics in today's digital age. Delusional Cause is an attempt to create a stylistic structure whose internal tensions are a metaphor for the internal tensions and structural tendencies of a social 'body' moving by a revolutionary path toward its own 'form'. DC #6 is a performance in a video projection at the annihilation of an international art collective of ever-changing formation.

Delusional Cause, performance with video projection, Annihilatie NBF, De Fabriek, Eindhoven, 2016, photograph by Peter Cox

Performance impression excerpts

Edited excerpts of Delusional Cause, performance at Annihiliatie NBF at De Fabriek Eindhoven, 2016, original registration video by Levroi Film & Media