7 Reasons to Stop Thinking of the Interface


As part of Extrapool's project My Name is Salmon (Why am I whispering) Jan Adriaans and Monique Hendriksen explore the power of the screen and try to figure out if reality is an interface. Professor and researcher Communication Science at Radboud University Nijmegen Gabi Schaap will close the evening in conversation with the audience on the future of the extended mind.

7 Reasons to Stop Thinking of The Interface, performance at My Name is Salmon (Why am I whispering), Extrapool Nijmegen 2018

Ever since humans have split off from the rest of the animals, they use communication technologies. Right from the start she uses a fictional second world of symbolic objects and images. Thousands of years later we can no longer imagine a society without the internet, personal computers and social media. The interface seems to show a reality behind which everything remains hidden. It is not just a window to a world, but a built-up image of codes and rules. This is not new; this is how we have always looked at the world and at ourselves. Our experiences are representations; reductions and distortions of what actually occurs. How can we use the artificiality of the interface as a means of power? Monique Hendriksen and Jan Adriaans play with existing mythical structures in search of the agency of the narrative.

7 Reasons to Stop Thinking of the Interface, performance as part of My Name is Salmon #3 at Extrapool Nijmegen, 2018, 11'10"
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